Friday, May 31, 2013

Wife Beater - Running of the Bulls 8K Prologue

I've been beating the wife (racing!) for years and subjecting her to all sorts of trail race craziness, but I think my days as "winner" are numbered. Seemingly, without even trying, she's getting faster, while I on the other hand seem stuck in some sort of low, slow, beer gear.

Our local greenway 5.57 mile route serves as the benchmark. I can run that route (lately) at around 8:2x pace. The wife has historically ran the route at around 9:xx pace. However, over the course of the last couple of month, her paces have looked like this (yes, I spy on my wife's training logs, I'm that insecure):

  • 9:41 min/mile
  • 9:24 min/mile
  • 9:12 min/mile
  • 9:09 min/mile
  • 8:29 min/mile
  • 8:28 min/mile
So yeah, she's getting faster by the week. I'm worried that I'm about to lose my bragging rights. Tomorrow we will both be in the Running of the Bulls 8K race. This could be the end of a winning streak that stretches back decades. I may be crying in my post race beer! But I couldn't be prouder of my wife.