Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Better Half - Medoc Trail Marathon 2012

I've been one upped by my better half. Again! It's been all I could do to stay ahead of my wife in terms of speed and endurance since she started running again last year, but now she's closing in, fast. Sherri just ran her first marathon. A trail marathon at that!

While I was leaving chunks of my left nipple on the trail at Medoc Mountain State park, Sherri was somewhere on the same course not falling down. Not even tripping. Not even once! There are no trail gods. They are all goddesses. And they enjoy laughing at me. And unlike when I finished my first marathon, barely dodging the scythe of the grim reaper himself as I stumbled across the finish line, Sherri finished with a smile on her face.

Then to really rub it in, she took a whole week off and ran another half marathon! I could barely walk for a month after my first marathon.

Well, this post isn't really about me (yes, it is!). I just wanted to take the opportunity to publicly congratulate my beautiful wife on running her first (cough!) trail marathon with style and class. I was wondering who took all my style and class suppositories from the medicine cabinet. And then, to prove you could be even more stubborn than me, you ran a half marathon a week later with an aching knee. And now you are injured (although only slightly). I couldn't be prouder.