Friday, December 23, 2011

Lord of the Ringangles

I hate lifting weights. Hate it. But I do like to incorporate some gym work with my running.

I'm a small guy, and I'm older, so pressing 50 pound dumbells is about the limit of my heavy work these days. Although in the "beef" days of my 20's, I managed to press 230 on the machine (no free weights in the work gym aside from 50 pound dumbells). I also managed to tear a few things in my sternum pressing that much weight, so that was my injury high water mark. Hey, how can you know your limits unless you push to injury?

Even though I hate lifting, I've always loved to climb (at one time I was a decent rock climber), so whenever I'm in the gym, I usually drift towards the pull up bar. Pull ups are great for biceps, shoulders, chest and back, so I can get a good upper workout with just a few simple pull up exercises. I can even hang and do leg lifts to work my core.

So, I had this bright idea to install a set of rings in the garage for rainy day work outs. As a side benefit, I can also hang a straight bar for easier pull ups, and even a swing for my kids. Luckily I have a bunch of duplicate hardware from the giant play set I built for my kids two years ago.

For reference, those are 4 inch lag screws. I think
I could hang an elephant from that ring bracket.
My garage has a big, beefy engineered beam running along the center line. I decided to mount my brackets to the beam using some big lag screws.

Nothing like removing drywall, drilling holes, and bolting a
bracket to a beam while balancing on the top step of my ladder.
Bracket one installed. Bracket two measured, and marked.
Ready to cut drywall and mount.

Brackets mounted and chains hung.

Totally adjustable and adaptable.

I just finished two sets of 10 pull ups. I can barely type. I'm sure I'll be doing the iron cross in a couple of weeks. US Olympic trials, here I come!!