Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Diabolic Dozen - 12athon 10 Mile Challenge Run

Leave it to me to take things to the extreme. Not only did I dream up some of the kooky bonus challenges of the Stet That Run's Virtual 12athon Challenge, I subjected myself to several of them in the very first event.

My original thought was to simply run the 10 miles of this particular event and do the Diabolic Dozen bonus challenge (eat 12 deviled eggs during the run). Pretty good bonus points (12) for that one. But, I'm greedy. I'm also a glutton for punishment, so I started thinking about ways to combine more challenges into the run.

I like beer, so why not throw in the Running Under the Influence challenge. I could even double down with the "two fister" level (drink two beers over the 10 miles). 12 more bonus points for me!

But did I stop there? Oh no. I eventually planned to run and perform a total of SIX bonus challenges during the 10 miles.

The Challenges

  1. Diabolic Dozen - Eat 14 deviled eggs - 14 is the devils dozen, didn't you know that? 12 points
  2. RUI - Double Fister - Drink two Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales. 12 points
  3. Naturalist - I would wear my RunAmoc shoes. 4 points
  4. Galloway - I would walk/run the 10 miles. 4 points
  5. Woodsy Owl - I would run the 10 miles on a trail. 4 points
  6. Sisyphus - I would run a trail loop less than 1/4 mile in length - over 40 times! 8 points

Total points: 10 (for the run itself) + 42 (bonus challenge points) + 4.2 (10% bonus for combining challenges) = 56.2 points, woo hoo!!!!

The Course
Since I wanted to combine the Woodsy Owl and Sisyphus bonus challenges, I had a tough time finding a workable trail loop. Luckily there is a very short nature trail in the woods next to my neighborhood which I measured at 0.24 miles.

Running this loop 42 times would give me a total of 10.08 miles. Perfect.

I had to jump over this log 42 times.
Should have brought my saw...

The Run
Rather than a texty sort of report, I'll just give you the videos I took before, during, and after the run. The fifth and final video below is a compilation of clips taken during most of the run. Enjoy!


  1. EPIC!!! You took the challenge to a completely otherworldly level. There are no words to adequately describe my awe and admiration of this feat.

    I'm very afraid of the Diabolic Dozen now. Very afraid.

  2. Oh, my goodness. You are my hero. :)

    (Also, yay Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale!)

  3. Wow! I bow to thee, Scott! That is awesome!

  4. Why didn't I think of that when I was training for my first marathon?
    OK, I am signing up for my second just so I can 'fuel' with beer on my long runs. ;-)

  5. You are nuts. I think I'll stick with comfortable challenges like getting water-boarded.

  6. I don't know if that's the worst idea I've ever seen, or pure genius.

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. You truly are a crazy man - amazing effort!

  8. Whoa. Whoa! You are a crazy beast, Scott! And, now your family has video proof. Ha!

    Really inspiring, man!

  9. @Josh - I prefer demi-god, but I'll allow you to elevate me. ;-)

    @Iris - Don't be afraid of the DD challenge. Be afraid of making spicy eggs and combining that with RUI. Deadly, deadly, deadly combination...

    @avenging angel - Thanks! And yes, SNCA is most excellent!

    @Bob - Come on man, let's see you one up me in the super combo category. You can do it!!!

    @Ewa - The beer alone might be pretty nice. However, I was pretty dizzy after the second one and was tripping over leaves (or maybe that was my own feet).

    @ac - Wonder what the bonus points would be for water boarding? Hmmm......

    @briderdt - David, let me say that it was the worst and most genius idea I've had in a long while.

    @Hieds - Thanks! I think... :-)

    @Ash - Thanks man! But my family sees this craziness on a regular basis. My wife has the strongest eye rolling muscles on the planet.

  10. This is my kind of craziness...awesome!

  11. Thanks, Matt! Join me in crazy land for the next 12athon Challenge event.

  12. Thanks, Diana. I wonder if we should add a nut eating challenge of some sort... hmm....

  13. I feel like I just watched a cross between Man vs Food and Epic Meal Time. I couldn't tell if your labored breathing and sweaty brows were from the eggs or the running. That looked harder than any race!

  14. Andrew, the breathing and sweating were due to a combination of running and nausea. Good times...

    On the bright side, the eggs were gluten free!

  15. This is the best thing ever. And even after this, I'm still looking forward to doing my own Diabolical Dozen. :)

  16. Thanks RwB! I'm looking forward to your own Diabolic Dozen. Just remember to video. ;-)


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