Friday, October 21, 2011

Prime Of Life - A Birthday Ode to Company Mill Trail

Normally, I try not to celebrate birthdays, at least not in any specific way. The whole "it's my birthday and I deserve to be treated like royalty!" attitude grates on my nerves. Birthdays should be a reminder of how lucky we are to be here, not an excuse to abuse ourselves (or others) or to act like self absorbed asses.  Instead, a birthday should be a time of self reflection. A time of thankfulness. A celebration of our connection with life itself.

So every year on my birthday, I try my hardest to soak in all the beautiful parts of my life and to truly appreciate them. Like everyone else, I get overwhelmed with the minutiae of the daily grind, and on most days I fail to appreciate anything. So birthdays are a perfect time to reset the narcissism of daily life and refocus on thankfulness. This post is about my appreciation of what trail running has given me during the past year. Here in the prime of my life, I offer up an Ode To Company Mill Trail.

It's difficult to express the peace that comes with a run on a trail. Worries melt away with the flow of steps. Stress unknots as the miles gently unwind my tangled mind. Company Mill Trail is a peaceful reminder of what the land once was, and an escape from the reality of my modern life.

Over time I have come to terms with both the beauty and the harshness of Company Mill. Its unforgiving, yet beautiful, quartz stones have taught me to float and relax as I run. The difficulty of the run has been superseded by the lessons of beauty and humility the trail has taught me.

Yet, for all the times Company Mill Trail has forced my focus to the immediate reality of the harsh stones beneath my feet, it has also offered up brief moments of sublime beauty.

Thank you Company Mill Trail. Thanks for the challenge. Thanks for the peace. Thanks for allowing me to learn to run again.