Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Great RunAmoc Experiment - My Sanity Run Amok

After my first season of races, I made a couple of decisions. First, I would run another marathon, and this time I would be prepared, rather than stupid. Second, I would wear RunAmocs nearly exclusively. I'm not sure why I made the second decision. I just enjoyed wearing my RunAmocs so much, I wanted to see how far I could take them. Or how far they could take me.

So, I signed up for the Medoc Trail Marathon and embarked upon a long summer of slow, marathon, distance running in my RunAmocs.

Beginning in June, I started wearing my RunAmocs, almost exclusively. They were the shoe for all of my runs, but they also became my daily wear. I wore them to work. I wore them at home. I wore them bowling. I wore them to the pool. I wore them hiking. I wore them everywhere. And they never seemed to let me down. 

However, they generated a lot of curiosity wherever I went. I quickly developed a set of canned answers to the questions I heard time and again from complete strangers. 

"What are those?"

They are trail running moccasins, made by a very cool, small company in Oregon, named Soft Star.

"Those look really comfortable.." or "Don't your feet hurt without support?"

They are very comfortable. I love them. My feet feel awesome!

Aside from the many conversations with complete strangers, the experiment was going very well. My runs were progressing and my feet felt great. I ran on pavement and on single track trails in Umstead State Park. The RunAmocs worked equally well for both.

The only downside that I found to wearing RunAmocs as my exclusive running shoe, was that they were... um.. moccasins. And moccasins by nature, are loosely fitting shoes. The same reason I loved them became the reason not to wear them when running fast paces.

When it came to faster speeds, I simply couldn't make them work. They flopped and bounced around on my feet like leather bags at my (not so) screamingly fast, full speed pace of 6:30 min/mile.

With sadness, at the only race during this period, which happened to be a 5K, I reverted to my Mizuno Wave Universe 3 racing flats. No regrets though. The MWU3's are outstanding shoes for a fast pace. And besides, I PR'ed in them by about 4 minutes. Woo hoo!!!

Now, here I sit, a mere week before my targeted trail marathon. I've run nearly 400 miles in RunAmocs since I bought them back in February of this year. I've probably walked 400 miles as well. And I still love them. Best shoes I've ever purchased. Period.

I'm hoping these little moccasins can carry me through to my goal at Medoc. Wish me luck....


  1. Goodluck! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a moccasined freak :) , although I'm running the baby 10-miler. So have you stopped wearing your altra instincts altogether? I find myself wearing them for all my runs lately.

  2. Let's see how long you can make those things last! You'll have to run gently, of course. Have fun on the trail, and don't get run over by a deer.

  3. @Andrew - Thanks! I won't be hard to spot. I'm thinking about shaving my head, so I can be a bald-headed, moccasined freak. :-) I'm still using the Altras, but I've been fairly consistent with my RunAmoc experiment. After the marathon, the Instincts will go back into my rotation for medium distance runs.

    @ Josh - They are holding up amazingly well. I'm planning a follow up post to my original review, sometime after the marathon. And I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Bambi family...

  4. That's awesome, Scott! Good job breaking in the RunAmocs. And, now I know how to spot you at Medoc this Saturday. ;-)

  5. @Ash - Thanks! I'll see you out there.


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