Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2012 Running Stupidity - Race Calendar

I've been so busy, I completely forgot to post a race schedule for this Fall/Winter/Spring. I've already completed the first race of the season, but still I have no race calendar posted. As usual, I'm not winning and am somewhere near the back of the pack in the whole "post your race calendar" event. Not that I expect anyone to really care about my "race" calendar, but I thought it would be a nice way to organize and track the races I plan to "experience".  So, before I sarcastically quote any other random words, let's get to the races.

  1. October 15, 2011, Medoc Trail Marathon - Done. Loved it. Will do it again. Race report.
  2. October 29, 2011, Pumpkin Run (4K) - Running this one with my son, Ryan. Done. Race report
  3. November 13, 2011, Misery Run (5M) - Hay bales, mud and poop! What's not to love... Done. Loved it! Race report.
  4. December 3, 2011, Run at the Rock (14M) - Ran the 7 mile race last season and loved it. Returning for the long version. Done. Had a great time! Race report.
  5. December 11, 2011, Couch Mountain (5M) - How hard could running up a mountain with the name "Couch" possibly be? Also, there's a picnic afterwards. Who doesn't like picnics?! Done. Had a great time with my son. Race report.
  6. December 17, 2011, Pilot Mountain 5K Challenge - Up the mountain and around the knob. Where's my inhaler? Done. Brutal, but fun! Race report.
  7. January 1, 2012, New Year's Day Run (5M) - Happy New Year! We'll see how hangovers and cross country running work together... Done. Hangovers? No. The flu? Yes. Race report.
  8. January 14, 2012, Little River Trail Race (10M) - Ran the 7K last season. Going for the 10 miler this time. More is better, right? Done. Ran OK, but had fun. Race report.
  9. January 15, 2012, Eno Equalizer (4M) - Eno River State Park run. I've hiked there, but never run on the trails. At least there won't be any ticks or snakes to worry about. MISSED. Too beat up from the Little River Trail Race.
  10. February 4, 2012, Uwharrie Mountain Run (20M) - Supposed to be a very, tough race, but looking forward to giving it a go. Hoping to see Sasquatch out there. Done. Tough run! Race report
  11. February 12, 2012, Geezer Pleezer (?M) - Going to be a tough day since I have to put 12 total miles in somehow as part of the Virtual 12athon Challenge. Done (barely). Race report. I crashed physically after this race. The sad details are here.
  12. March 3, 2012, Umstead Trail Marathon - I have unfinished business with this race... I'm just not sure if it owes me, or I owe it. Either way, I'm thinking I will be the one paying. Done. Didn't make my time goal, but I'm pretty happy with the race. Race report.
  13. March 17, 2012, Hanging Rock Trail Race (12K) - I've hiked this loop before. It's brutal. Should be an "interesting" run. Done. Raced this one with my better half. Race report.
  14. March 18, 2012, Hard Hill Climb (10M) - Final race of the Godiva Winter Series. Depending on how Hanging Rock goes, I may drop back to either the 3 or 7 mile version of this race. Who am I kidding. I'll be lucky to pull off the 3 mile. Done. My son, Ryan, and I earned the shirt!
  15. April 1, 2012, Mountains To Sea Trail Challenge (?M) - Probably run the 12 miler again, but they have a 50K (31M) option for 2012. Hmm, if I'm healthy and running well, first ultra maybe. I'm sure it will all go swimmingly. MISSED. Volunteered at the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run instead. Great experience!
  16. April 28, 2012, Owl's Roost Rumble Trail Half Marathon - Heading back for another slow attempt at the roots and lumber. Great race last season with one of the best shirts by far. Hopefully coming in under 2 hours this year? Done. Achieved my sub-2 hour goal!
  17. May 5, 2012, New River Marathon - My lovely wife, Sherri's first marathon. I'll be running it with her, and going for my own Boston Qualifying time (not!!!). MISSED. Not ready and Sherri was injured. 
  18. July 14, 2012, The Scream Half Marathon - All down hill, "easy". Done. Had a great time pacing my wife down the mountain, but I really stank at pacing.
In addition to these, I will be participating in the Virtual 12athon Challenge, a cool, year-long event put together by Stet That Run. So, mix in a 12 mile run on the 12th of each month during the year. I also plan to work in as many of the challenges as I can stand.

I'm tired just reading all of this. However, if  you have suggestions for other cool trail races, please leave a comment. None of this is final. Heck, I may not make it past the first race, so this whole calendar may be nothing more than wishful thinking, destined for a big, fat, FAIL. But, I'm going to have fun trying!