Friday, February 11, 2011

Catching Up with Pheidippedes

This week I realized something that might seem very obvious to most people - a marathon is a very long distance. When I say I "realized" what I mean is that I understand the marathon distance from a new perspective. You see, this week I ran 16 miles on the trails of Umstead State Park, mostly just for fun, but also to prove Krampus wrong! I'm happy to report that I sent Krampus sulking back into the woods at mile 14, although he trailed me to mile 16 in hopes of once again performing his own sarcastic, pornographic version of the Riverdance as I lay cramping in agony on the trail. Not this time Krampus!

Not to say that miles 14 to 16 were easy - they were not. But running those extra two miles and pushing past my previous half marathon distance milestones, really allowed me to wrap my arms around the total marathon distance. After 16 miles, and nearly 3 hours of running, I would still have TEN more miles to run if I were running a marathon. I thought about this during the last mile back to my car. Could I ever run a marathon? Would I ever even want to run a marathon?

Am I Pheidippedes?

Not even close.

Could I be?

I'm still searching for that answer. For now, I'm just happy to be running.